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Buenos dias, cockbites.

Call me Ilex.

Lately kind of a Red vs. Blue blog. Also a bit of a Teen Wolf blog.

Mostly I'm just a bloggy blog.

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Feb 6 '14

It is a lovely cloudy day out and I’m spending all of it trapped in windowless lecture halls.

Tags: UGH

Aug 6 '13


I literally need a solid 5 hours after Teen Wolf to get my shit together 


114 notes (via superserum & puppy-isaaclahey-deactivated201)Tags: yep but i tend to go to bed soon after like i'm about to do right now and then i wake up the next day and need another 5 hours and don't stop thinking about it til the next week teen wolf also this is the worst gif ever her grief was so visceral ugh

Apr 10 '13

strangersatthemall replied to your post: So do I pick a fight over Sally Donovan first… /pushes sleeves up arms/ where’s the fuckin’ party man, lemme at ‘em….

Oh, there’s a couple of them on that post from last night. I’m getting pretty peeved, but I have shit to do that isn’t “get into fights on the Internet.”

2 notes Tags: strangersatthemall I would also like to point out that saying 'not malicious in this scene' does not mean 'not malicious EVER' though I don't think Donovan and Anderson were being malicious in TRF they were two cops acting on reasonable suspicion (and probably feeling a little betraye besides) they weren't right but they weren't unreasonable UGH

Dec 16 '12

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Dec 3 '12

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Dec 3 '12

4. Jydia (Jackson & Lydia)

540 notes (via losechesters & veraflynns)Tags: ugh uugghhh their relationship is such a good example of the bad sort of teen romance kids get mixed up in but it's SO INTERESTING to watch teen wolf queue

Nov 1 '12

Still nothing on the LSAT front and I have a horrible headache.

Tags: ugh just uuuuuggggh ye olde LSAT

Oct 12 '12

their wings burn into the ground

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Sep 30 '12

Kate Argent is a sadist to the nth degree (and not the fun kind). The way she talks about that fire… she gets off on it. God, she disturbs me. 

3 notes Tags: she was fucking stroking the charred wood in the Hale house i thought she was going to lick it ugh

Aug 24 '12

NOT Boscombe

Tags: ugh no